The Black Sheep – Whitewater WI Fine Food

The Restaurant

IMG_1439-2258364025-OThe Black Sheep is delicious and unique! We are the black sheep of local restaurants, doing things just a bit differently than the rest. You can expect a variety of unique, high quality entrees on our menu on any given night. Our menu and specials are updated regularly to incorporate fresh, in-season, local foods presented in a deliciously new way. Try our poultry, fish, pork, gluten-free, and vegetarian entrees and, of course, our featured lamb entrees. We keep the menu small


because we care deeply about the freshness and quality of our food. Our menu changes based on the season and the availability of foods at their peak freshness. And our sauces are amazing; just ask our customers! We are a part of this local community, so we strive to source our meats, cheese, vegetables, and wine locally whenever we can! We focus on fresh, unique, fine dining and a great selection of wine and micro brews.





Here is just a bit about what people are saying…

IMG_1349-2258349338-O“Your food makes me feel like I died and went to heaven with a fork in my hand. Thank you!” Dawn Truelsen

“Thank you for taking such good care of me. So many restaurants are clueless about gluten allergies or just don’t care. You did an amazing job making sure I could enjoy my delicious meal safely!”

“Our meal was exquisite. We enjoyed trying foods we have never had before, and the meats were all cooked perfectly, the atmosphere was perfect, and the service was warm and welcoming.” Matthew Knudtson and Amy Sylvester